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Four Women – Four Nations – Four Brands


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One Coach – One  Victory – One World Record


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Crew #1 – Grizzly’s Raceteam & Börni


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The Challenge


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Four girls from four different nations, Switzerland, Russia, Austria and the USA are trying to set a new world record in long distance biking – one time around the world on a motorbike. Grizzly as a repeated world record holder is coaching them. And Börni produced and wrote the title song for this adventure!


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The Coach


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The four women are coached by a multi world record holder himself.


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Grizzly’s World Records



Urs Pedraita is a Swiss motorcycle pilot, adventurer and known for his long distance records.


In 2013 he was the first to traverse the Siberian Taiga with a motorcycle, without a sidecar. A total of 14,400 km/ 8’948 Miles from Bern, Switzerland to Vladivostok, Russia in only 37 days with daytime temperatures down to -42 degree Celsius / -43,6 Fahrenheit.


His next project was in 2014 when he circled the earth with his motorcycle starting from Bern, Switzerland in only 16 days, 12 hours and 19 minutes.


On February 19, 2015, he and his team planned to ride the motorcycle with an escort vehicle from Zurich, Switzerland to the North Cape, Norway and back in 106 hours. This record attempt failed after 53 hours in Stockholm due to insufficient strength to get back to Zurich.




In 2016 the adventurer and long distance motorcyclist Urs Pedraita, alias Grisu Grizzly traversed as the first man all continents on their longest axis. With land driving time of 72 days, 12 hours and a distance of 78,889 km / 49’019 Miles he broke the world record.


Completely on his own and without any escort or support from local organisations, he rode through the continents America, Australia, Afrika, Europe and Asia. Start was on March 11 2016 in Daytona Beach, FL USA and the finish was also in Daytona Beach, FL USA on July 10 2016. Grizzly was followed by millions of people worldwide on the internet, being equipped with two GPS transponders/trackers, one mounted on the bike and one on his body.


Flight travel was chosen for ocean/sea crossings with a set time of 119 days, 6 hours and a distance of 121,600 km for a total traveling time.


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Börni is a woman who is not afraid to go against stereotypes, ready to be bold, to be brave – just like the four riders are. These women are just as comfortable relating to each other as they are hanging with the boys. They refuse to miss out on any cool and enriching experiences the world is providing simply because society sometimes puts limits on what girls can and cannot do. That’s why Börni was excited to have produced and written the title song “Crew #1” specifically in support of this project. She immediately loved the vibe of what these four female riders represented to her; the edge, the fun, and the message of empowerment.



These are girls that aren’t afraid to take on new challenges while conquering their fears. They are ready to risk looking silly, with little regard for how they will be perceived by the status quo. They are redefining the rules of what they are expected to do, all the while having the most amazing time. This project is about being independent and squeezing every ounce of rich life experience from each day. It is about celebrating differences since this is what makes our world that much more interesting. It is about being attractive while living out the dream, and the music is a perfect representation of it all. Full throttle is a bike term, but it is also a life term. It reminds us to never back down and to live life to the full. It reminds us that we can be sexy yet bad-ass at the same time. And as a result, the boys will end up loving to sing along too, because we all need to hear this message!

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    Crew #1

We can be equal and still be different


Börni, a girl who grew up with three brothers is big on equality. Not girls taking over, but boys and girls working with and for each other with equal regard for one another. Let’s show respect to each other and stop buying into traditional limitations, which archaic gender roles tend to create. We aren’t the same but we are still equal and we can help each other to achieve our life goals.

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The female world record



It’s a female world record! A movement of strong cool women. It’s not only about women who ride bikes. It’s about reminding women that they are able to go far beyond their expectations. It’s a reminder to not shrink back from something because someone says it isn’t a typical lady-like thing to do. We should not miss out on the great things the world has to offer, simply because of old views about what we are allowed to do. We should be encouraged to be daring, to do the unusual, to go further, to be strong. This is the way women can experience the exciting things they would not have otherwise tried.


Riding around the world sounds like an impossible feat. You need to fight your way through it with tenacity. Focus on the goal. Never give up. Go for it, like you have nothing to lose. You need to make decisions at a moments notice, be energy efficient, accept your strengths while using them to compensate for your weaknesses. You will deal with so many different emotions while continuing to push forward. Some of the words to the song are, “Adrenaline got my heartbeat pumping”. Persevere, and in the end, it will all be worth it. It is an amazing feeling to win the prize at the end of the race. Its even more amazing to have won while encouraging others, reminding them that they too can win, no matter what challenges they may be facing.

We can spread the message together – Partner up!


Are you a brand or organization that empowers and celebrates strong women? Do you provide a product you are convinced would be of great benefit to women but haven’t get the chance to share it? Or do you just want reach out to new people with your proven track record or established product? This is an opportunity for you to take a ride with us! We would love to have you on board to spread the message together! This is sports, music, positive empowerment and passion combined, and you can be a part of it.


The four Grizzly Riders and Börni want to set an example and connect with all those females that need to be encouraged, whether it’s in their jobs, relationships, health, self-worth or any other aspect of life. We want them to try something new, and to do it an unconventional way while discovering new skills and talents. So many women deserve a chance to see other women standing out with their talents in unconventional fields. Together we can stand strong, alongside these four riders. Lets set a new world record together!

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The riders will follow a predetermined route where they must ride certain sections under great time constraints. This is because they might miss a connecting form of transportation, like a ferry. Such things are obstacles that could mess up their record-setting pace. Although as a collective, they are fighting for the world record together, they will still approach the ride as tough competitors racing against each other. As they make their way around the world they have to make stops at specific checkpoints in select cities. These locations are as yet undecided, to be determined by new partners that choose to accompany us on our journey. In each city, there will be opportunities for local and international media to report about the ride, the pursuit of the world record and the girls. Radio, print press, and TV will be on hand. These checkpoints will be used to create a massive amount of publicity while giving the project and the song a significant amount of promotion. With interviews, we can garner the attention of the press and win more people to follow the GPS trackers and online cameras of the riders online. With Grizzly as the initiator, it is clear that this will be a huge success. We invite you to be the brand at all these checkpoints promoting this event with us. The girls and the artist will promote your brand during the entire ride. They will start in May and will be on the road for about a month, depending on how fast they are and what will happen on the way. We have the attention of the entire biker community, the following of the artist, the community of the 4 biker brands and the bikers home countries behind us. This is the perfect environment to expose you to a new fan base while you reach out with us to capture new audiences. We, in turn, can promote the message with you through your channels and promote both our projects and brands together. This is going to be an extraordinary event! We look forward to having you join us on the road!

I know! It’s so awesome no? FREE MUSIC FOR YOU!


This is the official soundtrack to the Grizzly woman world record 2018

and we give it to you for free. Tell everyone about it.

Boom Boom Boom, my CREW is number one!


We are grateful for your support!  Thanks for being a part of the CREW #1!







Purchase for free & receive a download link


This is a Swiss project! All the bikes are sponsored by Swiss retailers! We love to have them on board! The slogan for the rase : “No matter what kind of bike you drive, get on it and ride around the world!” Based on a principle that each brand reflects the preferences of the Pilot.


After almost a year of active work in the strong core Grizzly Race Team and with a lot of support from friends we are now counting down the final 4 month to the ultimate start of our Ladies on the Grizzly Trail around the world.


We are exited to approach this challenge with our Motorbike Partners. Many thanks to
Motor center Seetal in Ballwil LU, American Bikes AG Bütschwil, Ducati ZH in Zürich and Honda Schweiz AG.


To be authentic and to be real, Börni is making her motorbike license during this period. As a symbol of Victory Börni is riding a Victory Octane powered by American Bikes Bütschwil! Thank you James for your trust and support!

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For more information please check out the Grizzly Race Team Website!

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