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Boernimusic Grizzly - 63 - Anita Oesterreich
Driver for: Austria
Name: Anita
Age: 47
Motorcycle: Honda Africa Twin 1000 cc; modified to Honda Daytona 5.5

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Anita Fastl

Anita grew up in Styria, state located in southeast of Austria, and then moved to Canada for a few years.
The 48-year-old Austrian has been riding a motorcycle only since 2010 and her first motorcycle was a red BMW F650. Now Anita enjoys freedom and independence while traveling on her Honda Africa Twin. For Anita motorcycling is an attitude towards life. In her leisure time she likes to work with wood and make fashion jewelery.

Boernimusic Grizzly - 65 - Anita Honda Oesterreich

Anita Fastl from Austria is starting with Honda Africa Twin 1000 cc
After Honda Switzerland joined the Women’s World Record 2018, we are happy to welcome Anita Fastl, our rider from Austria, to the project. Anita’s starting point will be communicated shortly. The 48-year-old is highly motivated to correct her defeat in the qualifying race against Reby Senger during the Women’s World Records. The Honda team, which will start under the Austrian flag, is a great addition to our project.

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